Bridging the gap between Documents and Workflow



Scanshare helps organisations of all sizes improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity of their information workflows.

With a host of cloud-storage connectors, zonal and barcode recognition, Scanshare unlocks the business-critical information stored in your paper mountains.

Scanshare v5 is now available: a totally new platform with an enhanced and restyled UI.

Which Scanshare option is right for you?

Scanshare is the company that puts you in control. From document scanning and management systems to business workflow engines and cloud-based file storage. The solution empowers our clients and our channel to improve the productivity and efficiency of their clients' businesses. 
Scanshare Core


Simply connect your office multifunctional scanner to the watch folder or email connectors, and let CORE convert your paper-based files into searchable, editable, electronic documents.


Now only $495 

Scanshare Essentials


Essentials is the powerful yet easy-to-use scanning solution, that companies of any size can explore the possibilities of document capture, which has previously been a major investment.

Essentials integrates paper workflows with the digital office directly from the panel of the MFP. Users can initiate one-touch scanning directly from the panel of the device, to capture and convert paper documents into any appropriate format. These electronic documents can then be delivered via a connector to your company file server, document system or ERP solution.


Scanshare Enterprise


Enterprise takes data capture, processing and workflow to the next level.  

Enterprise gives you the tools to bring together many sources of information inside an organisation, streamline and optimise the content, distribute for approval and finally store in your file system or document management system.



Scanshare Repository has a central repository for all documents that enables simple management, sharing and searching via its powerful search engine (which also indexes the content of the most popular document types) in addition to the mechanisms linking internal application.

Fully integrated with Scanshare Capture Enterprise, added value for our multi-range embedded MFD clients.

The solution is:

  1. Web-based, accessible from anywhere, from any devices. 
  2. Allows multiple users and multiple companies.
  3. Completely modular - any module can be enabled/disabled easily for each configured company.
  4. No installation or deployment headaches. 

Scanshare Embedded Technology Compatibility

Scanshare products contain embedded technologies which work on a range of many different brands. 



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