Corporate sales and marketing and the value of digital storage

Every business needs to have their files readily accessible particularly with focus is placed on Sales success. With Docuware, sales can optimise key stages of a buyer’s journey from the initial contact all the way through to the contract negotiation.

With centralised, real-time, cloud-based document management and workflow automation, your entire sales team can capture, access and share prospect and customer information in seconds.

From Documents to Value

DocuWare enables any size organisation – in any industry – to transform documents into valuable capital.

Regardless of format or source DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents.

Documents are readily available, where and when needed; one search quickly locates related documents.


Advantages of Docuware

  1. Quicker Processing Times
  2. Faster Information Retrieval
  3. Improvement in Sales Lead Times
  4. Sharper Competitive Edge
  5. Better Customer Service

Achieve new levels of success when you:

  1. Keep the sales cycle moving with a single place to store and access all your files—marketing assets, price sheets, and contracts
  2. Access and share documents anywhere, or easily present content while away from the office, so you don’t lose deals to delays
  3. Have the latest versions of sales and marketing collateral, even if it was just published
  4. Seamlessly access any content stored in  from thousands of integrated mobile apps
  5. Only a well-informed sales force can approach customers with confidence and inspire the same confidence in your company’s products and services.

DocuWare Ensures a Path to Success

Sales teams must be able to handle a wide variety of issues, for a broad range of customers. Today, customers look for answers on a company’s website or social media platforms. Successful sales demand quick access to accurate information, so the ability to call up the right document at the right time is critical.

With an electronic sales folder all kinds of information, for example, proposals, contracts, sales records can be specially stored ensuring the most current version of these documents are made available when required. 


Getting the Order - Even Faster

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