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DocuWare archives documents including invoices, product specifications and delivery slips in one central document pool.

You can compare proposals and product characteristics with a few clicks. It’s also an excellent way to simplify and speed up your invoice authoriSation process, improving the overall quality of your data.

Benefits of DocuWare

  1. Worldwide inter-departmental access to all documents with one click
  2. Simple integration in third-party applications
  3. Seamless and transparent business processes, increased productivity
  4. Boosts employee satisfaction by eliminating wasteful searches
  5. Tamper-free archiving
  6. Frees up storage space

Comparison Shopping Difficult? 

Benefits of DocuWare

  1. Simple integration of DocuWare in ERP or logistic systems – seamless information flow
  2. Secure and fast quality control
  3. Detailed proposal comparison through electronic searches (fulltext)
  4. Shorter search times through different departments thanks to a central document pool
  5. Transparent processes via electronic stamps
  6. Faster invoice approvals means enjoying early payment discounts Space savings

Evaluating Proposals

It makes no sense to compare apples-to-oranges when purchasing. If the proposals from various vendors aren’t organised in a way that lets you do side-by-side analysis, it could spell trouble. Your company could end up spending much more than it needs to.


Powerful Analysis Tool

In DocuWare’s central document pool, all of your proposals are safely stored for decades. You can check on previous proposals requested years ago and compare them with a current batch. Documents can be retrieved in seconds by clicking on index criteria like proposal title and vendor name. You are now empowered to analyse pricing and performance. Market trends become transparent so it becomes easier to make solid choices and money saving decisions.


Verifying Invoices

A lot of time can pass between receiving an invoice and actually paying it. The process in between can be quite cumbersome – copies of invoices made by Purchasing often have to go through multiple personnel. Sometimes it’s just one detail that is missing from a contract or delivery paper that holds things up. Long waiting and processing times are often the norm. It’s tough to see where the authorisation process stands. In the meantime, early payment discounts are often missed.


Invoice Approval With a Stamp

The whole invoice approval process is different when you use DocuWare. First, there’s no need to make copies, records such as invoices and delivery slips are stored automatically along with index criteria such as customer number, name, address, or delivery form number.

The system organises everything and places it all in one central document pool. Every authorised employee can immediately tap into the information, either via the ERP system or with DocuWare.

Even full text searches are possible. Processing times are reduced significantly since personnel, regardless of their location, have access to the necessary details to make invoice authorisation a snap. Thanks to electronic stamps, it’s always possible to see exactly where an invoice is in the process for complete transparency. Clearing up questions happens much faster now so that you can benefit from early payment discounts

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