Paytec has over 20+ years experience in delivering complex business solutions creating not just a wealth of experience but also a highly skilled team whose focus is to support our channel partners through the Parter+ program

Want to join Paytec reseller network and drive sales in your organisation?

PaperCut Software is one of the most innovative and respected software companies in the world.

Docuware is an award winning Document management solutions, Use DocuWare to strengthen your commercial relationships to meet the needs of a modern businesses today.

When you partner with Paytec, you become a reseller of both solutions that add value to your customers and revenue to your business.


The Partner+ Program

The PARTNER+ program is focused on helping our channel partners provide their customers with today’s best solutions. It allows our partners to grow their portfolio with a range of platform-independent, best of breed products with minimal risk and investment. We offer competitive margins, rebates and excellent revenue streams where you are able to lean on our infrastructure and client services to maximise every sale.

As a Paytec PARTNER+ we will provide the tools and a framework to help you expand your portfolio, grow your business and increase your profits.

The program can be tailored to suit your business models and markets, expanding your sales experience and securing customer retention.

Our portfolio of services covers a broad spectrum of business needs enabling our partners to increase revenue and profitability by expanding business opportunities in new markets and improving your technology and service footprint in existing accounts.

The Key to Success

  1. Lead Generation / Lead Qualification
  2. Campaign support in meetings, demo's RFI's etc
  3. Incentive Program - cash rebates or discounted rates.
  4. System design extends your support offering
  5. TeamViewer Remote Access and support Training

Partner Commitment

  1. Joint Business Plan driving value for both parties
  2. Attend product updates and training seminars/webinars
  3. To carry out regular marketing campaigns
  4. To develop opportunities for Paytec




Paytec's Comittment 

  1. Access to Best-in-Class products for showroom and demonstrations
  2. Partner communication - Including monthly newsletters, webinars and product updates
  3. Sales training
  4. Technical training
  5. Marketing - including co-branded sales collateral
  6. Pre-sales Support
  7. Technical Support

Join the Paytec reseller family today

Join thousands of resellers around the world who love the way PaperCut works for their customers. Install it in your showroom today and show it to your customers tomorrow.

Yep, setup really is that quick and easy.

Partnering with Docuware

DocuWare Partners  enjoy virtually unlimited, new sales and growth opportunities by helping customers enjoy greater efficiency and productivity. DocuWare helps you increase revenue and expand your business with: a proven turn-key business plan; comprehensive, ongoing training programs; and a wide range of marketing-support tools and events.