We’ve gathered PaperCut brochures focused on individual products, features, verticals and horizontals, talk tracks to help spark targeted conversations with customers, competitor battlecards to best position the solution.


PaperCut Marketing Collateral


Brochures and Customer Guides  PaperCut Branded  Co-branded 
Cloud Services Security whitepaper A4 download  
Cloud Services one-pager A4 download   
Digitization brochure  A4 download A4 download 
Education brochure- higher education  A4 download A4 download
Education brochure - Schools A4 download A4 download
Google one-pager A4 download  A4 download
Healthcare brochure A4 download   
High Availability whitepaper A4 download   
Legal brochure  A4 download  A4 download
Maintenance & Support (M&S) brochure  A4 download   
Mobile and BYOD printing brochure  A4 download A4 download
Mobility Print brochure A4 download  A4 download 
New pricing model (2019) FAQ A4 download   
PaperCut MF brochure  A4 download   
PaperCut NG factsheet  A4 download  A4 download 
Print Deploy brochure A4 download  A4 download 
Security brochure A4 download  A4 download
Security whitepaper A4 download   
Top 10 reasons to use PaperCut MF  A4 download  A4 download 
Sales Tools
Becoming a PaperCut Reseller   A4 download 
Co-branding layers InDesign file  
Digitization talk track A4 download   
Easy printing cheat sheet A4 download   
Education talk track - higher education A4 download   
Education talk tracks - school A4 download  
Enterprise talk track A4 download   
Environmental impact cheat sheet A4 download   
FabLab  positioning brochure  A4 download   
Google for Education talk track  A4 download   
Into to PaperCut MF presentation PDF Pack   
Kofax Equitrac Battlecard A4 download   
Mobile and BYOD talk track A4 download   
Mobility Print showroom guide A4 download  A4 download 
MyQ Business Pro Battlecard A4 download   
On-Prem OCR and Document Processing Pack guide A4 download  
Partner guide to Maintenance & Support (M&S)  A4 download   
PrintRoom positioning brochure  A4 download   
PrinterLogic BattleCard A4 download   
Release highlight guide A4 download   
Security talk track  A4 download   
Uniflow BattleCard A4 download   
YSoft SafeQ BattleCard A4 download   
Posters and Labels 
RFID card reader labels- landscape Landscape style   
RFID card reader labels - portrait Portrait style  
Secure Print Release poster US Letter  
Self-association poster A4 download   
ASC banners   InDesign files with fonts
PaperCut MF embedded screenshots Manufacturer device screenshots  
  • Hubstrap Pro. The best theme around
  • Hubstrap Pro. The best theme around
  • Hubstrap Pro. The best theme around