Corporate stress and docuware digital storage

Are Manual Processes slowing you down?

A significant amount of resource hours are spent entering data, searching through document files, scanning and emailing documents then re-filing.

Performing repetitive tasks such as capturing and data input into internal or external applications typically produce boredom, which can result in errors and mistakes.


Your platform for productivity

Successful digitisation depends on how well information flows between colleagues, teams and organisation. DocuWare is a document management and workflow automation platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information.

Boost your productivity, secure your information, and launch into digital transformation with confidence.

Digital Transformation is changing everything

We send email instead of letters, book our vacations online, and store pictures in the cloud ... all while streaming our favorite music. Video calls have replaced on-site meetings, your taxi arrives via an app, and almost any food can be delivered within minutes. It’s all digital.

Digitisation is shaping the way we work, and it’s accelerating our lives in the 21st century. It's disrupting traditional models, yet opens new customer experiences and revolutionises how we do business. All industries are realising the opportunities available with digital transformation. But it’s not always obvious how to start. This is where DocuWare can help. It starts with document management and workflow automation

How does the reality in most offices look today? Employees are overloaded with tasks. There’s too much paper. Security, data privacy and compliance are permanently at stake. Information for decision-making is not quickly or easily accessible. Customer service suffers. Innovation is impeded. To keep pace with the modern world, teams require truly streamlined processes. Document management and workflow automation are simple, visible, meaningful steps for launching your organisation — whether a small department or an entire enterprise — into digital transformation.

Scalable cloud technology, always-available information and digital workflow are all part of the plan that productive companies follow to maximise revenue growth, build the skills of their employees and ensure a future-ready business. 

Accelerate with Process Automation

Process automation systems help companies automate a set of business processes and activities, enabling them to create a more efficient and productive workflow.

Such automation allows tasks to be assigned in order to reduce errors, speed up processing time and free up human resources for more independent thinking or creative tasks. 

Organisations can use the Docuware Document Management solution to determine a set of rules for employees across all departments including accounts payable, sales and HR.
Implementing a process automation system will:
  1. Increase productivity 
  2. Reduce risk
  3. Deliver more profits and savings
Automating process with Docuware


The perfect Logistics example

To manage a chain of complex processes such as a logistics company, of subcontinental size and hundreds of customers, you need to ensure a total commitment to internal controls and reducing costs. Only with the standardisation and optimisation of routines, together with increased controls, can you generate gains like these:

  1. Integration of different areas and departments, such as Finance, HR, Budget, Quality and Production
  2. Centralised statistical data retrieval
  3. Revenue recovery
  4. Decreased costs


"Thanks to the DocuWare solution, retrieval time has been reduced from up to 24 hours to just a few seconds. The cost of retrieval has dropped as well. Archived documents can be shared, and a workflow system can be built up at a later point in time."

Slawomir Stasiak
Manager, Process Management Team Operations Planning & Development
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