Using Paytec digital forms gives you access to every form in any location.

What is a Digital Form?

A Digital Form is an electronic version of a paper form. Using digital forms gives you access to every form in any location. You save time and money that others are spending on the pre-printed forms. Filling in forms electronically on your computer or mobile devices eliminates the costs of printing, storing, and distributing paper forms. The forms can be filled in faster and they are more accurate because digital forms can be looked up automatically and validation of information can be made.


The Added Value of Digital Forms

Digital forms have features which paper forms adding significant value to your forms. You can use the photo camera, automatic time-tracking, username, and geolocation in your forms. The filled in information is sent to the database, where the data is always available. With digital forms, data can be organized easily according to variables like city, customer name, address, or other important information. That makes looking up and sorting the necessary information easier. Data is always synchronised and the users have access to it from anywhere in the field.


Picture this:

  1. Streamline paper forms and PDFs into clean, mobile-ready digital forms - no need to ask the same question across multiple forms
  2. Route digital forms automatically throughout the organization for reviews and approval – workflow automation speeds up key processes and increases business productivity
  3. Create a centralized document database for anytime, anywhere access – if you have one office, or ten offices, your team has consistent digital file cabinets
  1. Improve productivity: you will be able to automate processes, integrate with the systems you are used to in the company and as a result speed up the processing of data analysis.
  2. Control the data: you can decide who has access to the data and which colleagues can manage forms
  3. Customise your documents: you can create as many forms as you like and choose the style that best suits your company.
  4. Save time and money:filling in forms digitally, you will avoid time that is needed to retype the data, thus gaining time to invest in other activities. Using an app will allow you to share the same document with different people, saving paper and, consequently, money. 
  5. Collect data anywhere: the app works both online and offline. Therefore, you will not have any problem if you need to collect data in a place without an internet connection.
  1. Real-time information: if you update one of the forms, your colleagues in the field will be able to work with this new version right away. And, every time someone completes a document, you will receive the results immediately in your email.
  2. Gain speed: you can offer a quick service to your customers by sending them a copy of the completed form so that all parties involved have proof of the work done.
  3. Do not lose information: when you fill out a form, your data will be stored securely and you can access it via the platform. Unlike paper forms, using digital forms the data will be easily readable and it's not possible to lose documents.
  4. Add images and signatures: you can add as many photos as you like to offer more details at the moment of filling out the form. You also have the option to add your clients signature to the form.
  5. Keep your data safe: with digital forms you will avoid documents or vulnerable data arriving in the wrong hands.

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