Intelligent Indexing

DocuWare Intelligent Indexing instantly identifies the most valuable information on a document and converts it into highly structured, usable data.

Machine learning technology remembers each document and your indexing corrections, so every capture increases the speed, accuracy and reliability of the tool. After just a few documents, capture is automated and seamless.

And because DocuWare Intelligent Indexing is a secure cloud-based service, it takes advantage of “crowd wisdom” to grow faster and more efficient every day.

Workflow Manager

DocuWare Workflow Manager is a tool within DocuWare that enables you to design automation workflows with a simple, intuitive, drag’n’drop interface. Identify the steps of a process, then connect them with actions.

These actions can be automated based on business rules, or decision points for an employee. These workflows are fully customisable at any point to optimise the flow of information through your team..

Docuware Mobile

The trend of the last decade is indisputable: the rise of mobile has single-handedly transformed how and where business is done.

Increasingly, knowledge workers are outside a central, physical office. Remote workers, pervasive business travel and satellite offices spanning time zones are the new normal, and the only way to keep teams connected and productive is through the devices they have on-hand.

DocuWare provides apps for iOS and Android that enable workers to initiate, participate in and complete digital processes for faster flow of information and clearer decision-making.

Auto Index

Index archived documents automatically from external data source. Many of the documents you need to archive will already have existing categorisation criteria and search words in the IT system.

DocuWare AUTOINDEX retrieves this data and adds it automatically to the file cabinet as index terms, eliminating the need for manual input.

Smart Connect

Smart Connect reads words directly from a third-party application user interface and then uses them as search or index words in DocuWare.

Documents relating to a data record opened in the third-party application are easy to call up in DocuWare – using a button displayed in the third-party application. It is just as easy to import words as index terms for documents that you want to archive in DocuWare.

Connect to Mail

Connect to Mail monitors a folder in the Gmail inbox, another IMAP-enabled service, or Microsoft Exchange, for example.

There, incoming email is automatically transferred to the DocuWare system. If the user has previously specified criteria for archiving, Connect to Mail can also automatically index the email.

Managing email and all other document types together in a single document management solution simplifies and improves the organisation of related contents, such as project data, customer correspondence, and company information. 

Connect to Outlook

Throughout a typical working day, hundreds of emails can come flooding in. They are an important part of your work and you need to be able to access them at all times. As business correspondence, emails are also subject to legal retention periods and then they must be archived.

Connect to Outlook, the connection from MS Outlook to DocuWare, allows you to do both: Not only can you archive your emails in an audit-compliant manner directly from Outlook, but you can also use the quick search feature to access stored emails directly.


DocuWare Forms allows your company to convert recurring manual form filling and filing processes to a simple digital process within DocuWare.

Data is captured instantly and accurately in a Web Form and then applied to a document and stored as a form in a central file cabinet. The completed form can be stored in the design of the original form. Employees can easily access and work with the stored forms. With Workflow or Task Manager the form processing is transparent for everyone.

Functions Overview

DocuWare Cloud includes all DocuWare functions and makes it possible to implement all application areas. The functions are presented in detail in this list. 


White Paper - Docuware Cloud

This white paper is for IT professionals and key decision makers requiring in-depth technical information.


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