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Intelligent process automation; 3 steps, limitless possibilities

Capture incoming invoices with intelligent indexing. Provide a central, secure home for every invoice where all data is instantly searchable. Then leverage fast, flexible workflows to ensure complete alignment with your approval processes.

by Docuware

Intelligently automating your processes with DocuWare. By digitising invoices with DocuWare's patented Intelligent Indexing and Workflow Automation, you will remove huge amounts of work from your team. Securely store for instant retrieval and use preconfigured workflows for approval routing, or use straight-through processing to help expedite payments and keep your team on track.




1. Capture

Intelligently index all incoming invoices

The power of our solution starts with intelligent indexing, a machine learning system that understands and extracts data from any invoice. This critical index data is the heart of the solution, as it drives workflow processes. DocuWare Intelligent Indexing replaces error-prone and time-consuming data entry by recognizing and recording all the data printed on invoices.


2. Secure storage

Effortlessly archive and retrieve digital documents

All invoices are stored within a secure, accessible repository, tightly organized based on captured index data. Apply retention policies, rapidly collect for audits, or analyze for departmental process improvements. Access anytime, anywhere, from any device — including mobile.




3. Automated workflow

Digitally route for approval and post-back

Digitally route invoices through approval chains for faster decision-making, or initiate a straight-through approval based on predefined rules. Quickly handle exceptions while maintaining visibility throughout the process. Create a booking record for easy posting back to your ERP system.


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Complete capabilities for AP and beyond


Critical features and capabilities go beyond invoice processing in Accounts Payable to deliver value for the complete finance team.


1. Capture, sort and archive invoices from any device or any format (scanned paper, email, mobile captures and more) in an easily searchable file structure.

2. Extract detail of all invoices with DocuWare Intelligent Indexing to automatically match invoices to corresponding purchase orders (POs).
3. Remove manual touch with automatic approvals based on a 3-way match, QuickMatch (an approved vendor with a pre-defined dollar limit), or a route for a cost center approval.
4. Configure workflows to respect your business approval policy rules, while automating task assignments to correct decision makers.
5. Automatically generate transaction records for your ERP system, eliminating double data entry and greatly reducing errors.
6. Expedite new vendor setup by automatically requesting data via a special new vendor form along with submitting their Form W-9.
7. Eliminate lengthy searching for purchase orders, shipping documents and information necessary to process the invoice.
8. Annotate notes and approval stamps directly on the invoice image for clear communication with colleagues.
9. Maintain compliance and a complete audit trail with transparent approval history, automatic document filing and encryption.

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