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Optimise Your Mobile Workforce - eBook

Learn Where Businesses Fell Short Responding to Covid-19 & How to be Prepared For the Future

by Docuware

This ebook was published during the COVID-19 pandemic but the insights will remain useful for organisations engaged in long-term planning of remote and mobile teams.DocuWare recently polled 534 business owners and managers in charge of whether employees worked remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. Around 29% noted that some employees were working from home, and 30% said all employees were working from home.

That's roughly 60% of businesses managing a remote workforce during this time. This is more than double from just two years prior: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during 2017 and 2018 only around 29% of workers even had the option for working from home, and even then only about 25% of them did.

This is a sudden and dramatic shift from traditional to mobile workforces. Companies are scrambling to develop processes that support employees and the business’ goals alike.

Understanding the types of challenges companies faced when navigating the coronavirus pandemic, and how DocuWare solutions and technology addresses the new and unique challenges of a mobile workforce, can help you future-proof your employee management strategy.


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